2 10 Home Buyers Warranty Air Conditioner Warranty Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Service Scheduling
Failed to honor warranty.Use less than reputable local vendors who FAIL to even perform a basic inspection of the warranty item. Specifically, HVAC repair requested. The local vendor stated the repair would be performed and covered by warranty. One day later, the warranty company states they do not cover pre-existing conditions that would trigger a repair. The local vendor did not even inspect the system for troubles, he simply stated he knew...
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Our air conditioner stopped working May 24th 2016, having recently purchased the home we contacted our home warranty company to report the issue. After a web filing they indicated a service contractor would contact us within 24 hours. After 5 days of no response we contacted them directly, 2 hours of call waiting I was able to talk to a representative who informed me there must have been an error in the submission and she would push it through....
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The contractor explained that the air conditioner should be under manufacture's warranty, which I found out was not true, since the air conditioner was only covered for the original homeowner. He still took my money though. I called 2-10 back, but when I did, it was later in the fall and too cold for my air conditioning to be tested. I called this spring (2016) to have my air conditioner serviced. I payed the deductible again. The contractor...
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I didn't like
  • Do not honor the warranty
  • Only trying to make money
Air conditioner went out...they canceled order for part and never advised after i got an authorization. Second time the order was suppose to arrive nextday. It took 3 days and they ordered wrong part. Customer service would not help , connected me to puchasing. They gave me a number that connected to the wrong number. Once connected tothe right number i was on hold for 2 hours! Im desperate for resolution. Now im on hold again and will...
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