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Avoid 2-10 at all costs. This service will waste your time and yield nothing in return but distress. I opened 3 service requests in the span of a year and for each of them 2-10 was unhelpful at best, even with the "Premium" coverage.

First request was for a non-functioning dryer outlet. Dispatched company inspected and claimed it was not a failure but an installation issue so it would not be covered and no work was done. They charged the $75 deductible anyway.

Second request was for a shower leaking into the basement. Dispatched plumber diagnosed and claimed the issue was weak shower grout which was not covered by warranty. They did nothing else, charged the $75 deductible and left. We reinforced the grout ourselves and the leak continued. We were stuck with a broken shower at this point. Eventually we reached 2-10 again and they sent the same contractor. This time they diagnosed it as the shower pan. The contractor argued with me, claiming they had always said it was the shower pan and not the grout, and chided me for not removing the tile to inspect the shower pan even though they never suggested doing so. The warranty told them (and then they told me directly) that replacing the shower pan IS COVERED, but not accessing the shower pan which would involved taking out all of the tile. I had a professional come out and do this and 2-10 then dispatched a new contractor to replace the shower pan at my request. The new plumber eventually arrived, did nothing but take some measurements, and then left. After waiting 4 days and hearing nothing I called 2-10 for a status and they told me the warranty DID NOT COVER shower pans, contradicting what they had said earlier to both me and the contractor. They refused to help any further. I don't understand why they even sent out the previous plumber if they didn't expect him to do anything.

So at this point I have a stripped out, useless shower and will have to have it repaired out of my own pocket, after dozens of fruitless calls, hours of aggravating hold times, conflicting diagnoses and conflicting information from 2-10, and way too much unnecessary stress.

Third service request (opened before the second service request concluded) was for AC as the house was not cooling efficiently. There were days the AC would run for 4+ hours nonstop and the house was only getting hotter. Dispatched contractor looked at the AC unit for a little while, said it was working fine, charged $75 deductible and left.

Calling 2-10 for any reason was always a stressful experience. There were ridiculous hold times, obnoxious hold music, poor customer service who would transfer me without warning and give information that conflicted with previous statements.

The website was nearly as bad: Pages of policy information are clumped in a nasty and difficult to parse wall of text without any breaks or formatting. Opening a service request via the website involved filling out a clunky form without any followup or feedback from a rep in case you need more info.

The contractors 2-10 dispatched were unhelpful and confrontational. They were always unprepared and misinformed (or not informed at all) on the nature of the service request. Their timing was always terrible. They "try" to act quickly in response to a new request but the average time for a contractor to come out was a week or longer. And 2-10 would interrupt my conversation with the contractor by calling to follow up - before the contractor has left - and then becoming utterly unavailable after they do leave. (Unless you are willing to call and go through the bull all over again.)

If it wasn't for 2-10 getting in the way, I'd have had my home fixed a year ago and I'd be dealing with a LOT less stress. Either they are too incompetent to operate their business, or they are just thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The message is clear: home warranties exist to make a profit for themselves and not fix anything.

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