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Update by user Aug 11

Update: Since this review, I've had no problems with 2-10. They have been out to repair several plumbing issues, replace faucets, replaced my dryer ($675), repaired my washer, replaced a ceiling fan and repaired an electrical issue.

Before this review, they replace my hot water heater as well. I called around and asked past buyers about their warratny. I've had so many of them tell me they've had great experiences with 2-10 and thanked me for getting them the home warranty from the seller (and of course we negotiated off the price of the homes as well, to compensate for any repairs that everyone agreed upon during the due diligence period). Many of my buyers have had the entire unit replaced and would have cost about $5K if they did not have the warranty.

Two buyers said that 2-10 contractor came out and within 30 minutes they determined they needed a new one instead of repairing it! I couldn't believe it, but they said it was super easy and couldn't be happier. So, I'd have to say that having the warranty, for an older home, is certainly worth the $440 a year to renew it and I did renew mine again. I just bought one for my mom and my best friend just signed up for one too.

I'm still not sure why 2-10 chose to keep me without my HVAC working for so long, but looks like they work well for most everyone else on this issue. I will continue to recommend them, since I've heard such good feedback from everyone and other than my HVAC issue with them, I've had great service. :D Wish I could take back my bad review, but then again, they did do that to me so....

I guess you have to take a little bad with the good. It has certainly saved me thousands in repairs/replacements for my 1973 home.

Update by user Jun 14

It's not really resolved because all they did was replace another old part on this old unit. At least we have A/C for now.

If it goes out again this summer, we would have to move out until it's repaired, because the summers here are brutal! Too hot for our cats, kids and us to live in it.

Update by user May 16

Oh & I forgot to mention that I believe they are trying to run out my contract so they will not have to pay. Since this started on January 2, 2018 and my contract is out on May 30, 2018 and today is May 16, 2018...

Hmmmm... What do you think?

Original review posted by user May 15

I'm a realtor and always get my buyers to get this home warranty but not anymore! I have been without a working heat or air since January 2, 2018.

Today is May 15th, 2018. They have sent people out here over and over to "repair" a 22 year unit and each time they come out, it will work for a few days and then something else goes out because it's OLD and needs to be REPLACED not REPAIRED!!! I have to pay the deductible, pay for the extras not covered and then when something goes out, I have to wait almost a week for someone to come out and take a look, then another week for them to get stuff to 2-10 to take a look and give their okay to "repair" whatever the problem is for that week and then another week for repair person to come back and do that job. I had to buy space heaters for the winter and I have TWO children and TWO cats in this home!

Now it's officially summer here in Georgia with 95 degree HEAT and humidity that is unbearable for us! I mean it's horrible. STILL no air conditioning. I called 2-10 today and broke down in tears after hours on the phone for the last several days and can't get anyone to do anything.

They just told me today "we are a repair company, so if it can be repaired, we will repair, not replace". Well, while I am waiting on "True Air" to write up the report, something else goes out on the unit and so now I can't even run the fan! I called 2-10 and they said they'd send out True Air again, but they can't come back out to me until next Monday (6 more days). So 2-10 says they will wait to hear from True Air on the new issue before they make another decision if they will "repair or replace" my 22 year old unit.

Hmmmm... I wonder what the answer will be? The suspense is killing me... LOL.

Of course it will be "repair"... Oh and they've already told me that my parts for the other repair will cost me $325 because those parts are not covered. Gee, that sounds great huh. So, my office is in my home and I'm guessing I'll just have to move my office, my kids and my cats to live somewhere else until 2-10 decides to repair again.

Then I'll move back in for a few days until the next repair hits in a day or two... I'll make sure to tell all my fellow Realtors, friends and future buyers about all of this... and I'm not even the type of person to get angry or say bad things about people, but THIS is just horrible and has been a nightmare. 2-10 should be ashamed!

I can't believe they are allowed to be in business. So let's see...

I've had someone (3 different companies) come out 12 times since January 2nd to "repair" this unit and still doesn't work... Sad, sad, sad that 2-10 continues to let this go on.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Replace this old unit and stop repairing it every week! I can't live like this!.

I didn't like: Customer service is awful, Keep repairing something that should be replaced, Long turnaround times, Long hold times on phone, Only trying to make money.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from May 15.
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You are a realtor, therefore a paid spokesperson for home warranties. Because of the scams you try to pull with the bogus home inspection process and the bogus home warranty negotiation factor, you got the arse-kissing special that nobody else is going to get.

Home buyers and warranty shoppers, don’t believe for one minute that you will have good results. Your results may vary.

Realtors get special treatment because HELLO, they generate half of all home warranty sales. The other half consists of geniuses who think they can get their whole house renovated for $500.


All home warranty companies are crap, and as a realtor, you should know better than to think you can get $5000 out of a $500 policy. Realtors should not recommend any home warranty company, but you do so as to facilitate a sale when the house has problems. With a home warranty in place, you can smooth over any buyers’ doubts about appliance reliability, without the price of the house decreasing (and your commission along with it).

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